When living sober, you experience a newfound freedom. No longer is your brain plagued with the need to find the next drink or hit, no longer do you focus all your attention on when and where you can get substances, and no longer are you left reeling from the effects of withdrawal. It’s a freedom and a new life you have that wasn’t possible when under the influence. So what’re you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and live the life you’ve been given.

1. Trying out a new recipe 

It doesn’t matter if you can’t cook. If you can read and follow directions, you can try a new recipe! If you’re a cooking newbie, maybe find one that’s a little easier, such as this super simple (super yummy) chimichanga dish. Want to one-up your grilled cheese game? Try this grilled tuna avocado melt – it only takes 15 minutes to whip together. Or, if you really want to impress your significant other, try your hand at homemade meatballs with this cozy meatball parmesan bake. No matter what you choose, just have fun with it and enjoy being able to focus your whole attention on crafting a meal for yourself, your friends or your family. 

2. Visit a museum 

Now that you’ve ditched the substance use habits, you likely have a newfound appreciation for exploration and learning. A great way to explore this world without going too far is visiting a city museum. Most of the bigger cities in the US have one or more museums guaranteed to pique the interest of a variety of tastes! Natural history museums provide unique displays of times gone by, allowing you to step into moments of history from Jurassic jungles to World War II trenches. Art museums give you the chance to wander through paintings, portraits, sculptures and modern works guaranteed to get you thinking. Science museums will have you feeling like a little kid again, as you learn the inner workings of a NASA spaceship or what exactly causes a tornado. 

3. Break out of an escape room

Substance use puts a strain on relationships, but it can also lead to stronger bonds than ever before once the addiction is kicked to the wayside. However, it’s always important to continue fostering relationships with those you love. An active, exciting way to spend time together is the team-building environment of an escape room. This relatively new trend includes locking you and your team into a themed room, where you need to work together to solve the clues to get out before your sixty minutes runs down! By putting all your brains together you can successfully escape the mummy’s tomb or break out of the kidnapper’s lair.

4. Exploring a national park 

Everyone knows some fresh air does wonders for a person. But sitting out in the front yard can get a little boring. The good news? Every single state has a stunning landscape waiting to be explored, from strenuous hiking trails to rivers and lakes to leisurely strolls through the countryside. Perhaps you have a national park within a day’s drive of your home. Now that you have more freedom and time on your hands, planning an overnight trip in the wilderness can be as simple as an internet search and a good pair of hiking boots! 

5. Strolling through the city zoo

Watching animals is one sure way to get your mind off things. And now that sober living is your new lifestyle, you’ll be able to enjoy the leisurely time spent meandering from exhibit to exhibit, watching the animals go about their day in true animal fashion. Plus, the majority of zoos are outside, so you can spend some time in the sun, get a little exercise and enjoy some natural entertainment all at once. Whether you choose to bring a friend or just experience this peace on your own, you’re sure to find amusement by the monkeys or awe at the tigers. 

6. Taking a road trip

The healing nature of getting away for a night or two is vastly underrated. Whether you’re traveling to visit a friend or relative in another city, or you simply want to experience something new, packing up the car and renting an AirBnB can be just the adventure you need. With your newfound energy and zest for life, you’ll want to visit places you hadn’t been able to before. You can try out that award-winning restaurant in a city a few hours away; maybe the coast is relatively close, offering an ideal spot for the weekend; what about finding the nearest amusement park and finding a thrill-seeking friend? No matter where your road takes you, don’t hesitate! Take that trip. 

Thrill seeking is all better sober 

With more energy, more freedom and more peace of mind, activities and entertainments can be endless. Whether you go solo or take along some friends, you’ll find that without substances, you can be completely present in a way which you haven’t been before.

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