We Choose Life

The Real Recovery mission began when its founders were striving toward their own sobriety. They realized that the traditional recovery residence wasn’t doing enough to help the young men and women who really needed it. They dreamed of a place where everyone truly cared for everyone and where young men and women could experience a fun, meaningful life of recovery.

That dream became Real Recovery. Unlike any other sober living program in the country, Real Recovery offers each resident an experience that is truly tailored to meet their specific needs. Here, women and men ages 18-28 find a place they can call home — a place where they can embark on a new path of recovery from addiction.

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Real Recovery Mission and Approach

At Real Recovery, we believe that every young man and woman willingly seeking recovery should get the opportunity to achieve their full potential mentally, physically and spiritually. No young man or woman should ever be ashamed of their affliction or of taking the steps necessary to obtain recovery.

The Real Recovery mission is founded on the belief that sober living requires hard work, but through that comes the opportunity to enjoy an admirable and fun-filled life.

It’s our calling to give hope to desperate families by showing their loved ones the most amazing sober life imaginable. While at Real Recovery, clients get to live this life through outdoor experiences that include snowboarding, long boarding, fly fishing, hiking, whitewater rafting and more on a regular basis.

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Our Location

Real Recovery has its home in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Our recovery residences are located near downtown Asheville, North Carolina, so our residents can work on their recovery while getting the most out of sober living in Western NC.

We chose Asheville for several reasons—most particularly the historic healing reputation. Since the early 1900s, many have flocked to Asheville for its natural healing modalities. The area has long been a center for those seeking healing and renewal, and we’re thankful to be able to grow and recover here together.