How Much Does the Real Recovery Program Cost?

The monthly costs of Real Recovery programs vary based on program intensity, structure and residence. Please call (855) 363-7325 to learn more about which program is right for you and what financial commitments would be necessary.

Monthly Cost Includes:

  • Housing with 24-hour staffing

  • Groceries each week for preparation of all meals

  • Access to substance abuse PHP, IOP and outpatient services to encourage development of coping skills necessary for long-term recovery

  • Daily check-in house meetings and participation in local support groups for substance abuse

  • Vocational services and educational support

  • Life skills training and money management education

  • Case management services

  • Two-to-three adventure/experiential activities per week

  • Activities, including movies, paint ball, etc.

  • Daily transportation

  • House computers with internet access

  • Sports team participation (basketball, soccer, etc.), if available

  • New linens and towels

  • Gold’s Gym Membership (Dream House only)

  • Rock climbing gym memberships

  • Sunday suppers (current residents and alumni gathering)

  • Comprehensive post-discharge living plan

  • Referrals to additional behavioral/physical health services, including primary care physicians and specialty therapists, as needed

  • Not included: medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse treatment services are not part of the sober living program fee


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