Being in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t have to mean the world of education and learning must come to a grinding halt. As you are discovering key insights about yourself, your family, the world around you and your motives for using substances, it’s also important that you continue with your educational goals in life and receive academic support in recovery.

Many young men who find themselves seeking treatment for addiction began their use of drugs during their middle school, high school or college years. One government study estimates that about 144,000 young people per year are treated for substance abuse and addiction. 1 That’s just the number of people who have been diagnosed and actually entered treatment.

Relapse and School

A significant percentage of people who complete treatment for substance abuse end up using drugs again after just a year in recovery. This is why a good recovery program and support system is so important to help prevent relapse. One aspect of recovery programs that target relapse includes academic support in recovery.

Continuing your education while in a sober-living facility like Real Recovery holds real power toward improving your quality of life. The rewards of earning an educational degree include:

  • You’ll be qualified to get a good job
  • Employment will provide you with an income
  • Education and employment teach you self-sufficiency
  • Your sense of self-worth will increase

With these achievements kept in mind and an eye on the goals at the end of the road, you will be more focused and increase your ability to avoid having a relapse after treatment is completed.

Academic Support in Recovery Really Helps

At the Real Recovery sober living facility, you will receive the academic support you need in order to get closer to obtaining either a high school or college degree, depending upon your academic past and your future goals in life. Depending on your unique situation, academic participation may be a component of your treatment plan.

Academic goals and plans for how to achieve them are discussed at length during your stay at Real Recovery. Continuing your education while in recovery can help prevent you from using again once your stay in a structured sober environment is completed. When you have reached that stage of recovery, education will help keep you firmly grounded in your new sober life.

Trade Addiction For Academics

It’s key to remain active once you are sober so you’re not thinking about drugs or are tempted to contact the friends you once got high with. It’s easy to be triggered into a relapse if you don’t have more important things to do that will replace your time spent on substance abuse.

One study found that activities such as attending classes help with recovery, as does being connected with academic activities.2 With the help of the amazing staff at Real Recovery, you will find yourself empowered to achieve your goals and remain sober.