Addiction affects an entire person – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s what makes recovery a difficult process for some people. You can’t focus on one just one area and hope to fully get better.  Spirituality is one of the more common types of recovery treatment since it helps heal the mind, body, and soul. Despite being so common, it is also misunderstood.

Do note that spirituality is not the same as religion. God and religion are concrete ideas and can be a part of spirituality recovery process, but spirituality is a much more abstract idea and does not require God or religion. It is truly unique and individualized for each and every person with addiction in recovery. It’s about finding a deeper sense of self.

Spirituality is a more abstract form of treatment than a medical sobriety program (though they are often used in conjunction with one another). It is what’s meant when you hear the common phrase – “giving yourself to a higher power.” The addicted individual must find a reason to get better; they need to find something that gives their life meaning and purpose. It can be family, religion, or a calling to help others.  

Focusing on the good of spirituality in recovery can help people struggling with addiction find balance in their new lives as they leave their old ones behind. It can help provide guidance when reflecting on difficult moments in life. It also allows those in recovery to focus on their individual strengths (what makes them a good person) rather than focusing on their weaknesses and mistakes. 

The journey from addiction to lasting sobriety can take many different forms. However, there’s no reason a person can’t find spiritual meaning, purpose and connection in life while also overcoming a substance use disorder.