An individual who is suffering from a substance addiction often must make significant lifestyle changes to achieve long-term recovery. Remaining in dysfunctional situations at home or associating with individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol can, and often are, the triggers that lead to relapse. Leaving one’s home for treatment and spending time traveling during the recovery period can enhance an individual’s recovery journey in numerous ways. Some benefits of travel for recovery from substance addiction are as follows.

New Environment

A life of sobriety is bound to feel different and brand new for someone in treatment and recovering from a substance addiction. Travel for recovery can help individuals feel as though they are truly making a fresh start for their life. Therapy involves the adoption of new perspectives, new ways of coping, and new ways of living. Many people find it easier to cope with all this “newness” when they are in a brand-new location that has little in common with where they just came from. In this sense, travel can be a healthy support in a person’s recovery journey.

Escape from Dysfunction

Many of those suffering from addiction come from homes that are dysfunctional or unsupportive. These environments can be toxic and tough to deal with for anyone, but particularly challenging for a person struggling to manage an addiction. Family problems can be a trigger for relapse. Therefore, traveling for treatment and recovering in a new setting can be highly therapeutic. Individuals can learn how to better cope with the dysfunction in their lives and possibly even make plans to eliminate it from their lives. When a dysfunctional home life threatens to derail recovery, travel can be the answer.

Escape from Enablers

Some people suffering from addiction are over-supported by enablers. They may have come to rely on others for help rather then developing the necessary skills to empower themselves to manage their addiction. Some people may even have helped to enable the addiction by providing the person with access to prescriptions drugs or alcohol. Traveling to a new location for recovery allows the individual to experience recovery, with professional supports as needed, independently. With confidence and self-reliance, individuals have a better chance to stand on their own two feet when they finally return home.

You Are Less Likely to Leave

Many individuals who travel to a rehab, addiction treatment center, or sober living community find that they are less likely to leave prematurely. When individuals are situated too near their hometown and the bad habits associated with it, they may want to leave treatment before they’re ready. By traveling to a new location, individuals can more easily focus on their recovery without the distractions of their previous life.

Not everyone may have the means to travel, but there are many out-of-state addiction treatment rehabs that accept a wide array of insurance plans and even offer sliding payment scales. Travel for recovery is something more people are considering, especially if the destination location offers holistic living experiences like hiking or exploring an exciting new area. Think about your recovery plan to determine if travel for recovery is right for you.