One of the first things I tell every mother or father that I speak to is that the success of their son’s sobriety rests on their shoulders as well.

I have had the opportunity to help coach countless sets of parents through sobriety. Without exception, I find every family in turmoil to some degree about what their role will be going through their son’s time with us and into the future. I am a father, too, and I am fully aware that writing a prescription for dealing with another person’s child is way easier than taking the medicine when dealing with my own darling baby boys.

We try extremely hard from the first conversation to establish as much trust with our parents as possible. If a parent doesn’t trust the process in any sober living program, it is almost surely going to fail. We find it hugely productive to have new parents talk with alumni’s parents to help them through the process and we are so fortunate to have so many families give their time altruistically to help.

Keeping parents informed and having good communication is another key to success for our sober living program. Communication is the key! We understand that we are dealing in life and death and our parents stay informed throughout the process to help ease the fear that comes naturally when dealing with addiction and the path to sobriety.

I also tell every mother or father that calls me that I will help them find the right place for their son whether they ever grace our doors or not. There are tons of reputable programs in this country and some that aren’t. I always urge parents to ask every program for professional referrals and for, at the very least, ten sets of previous parent’s phone numbers.