Entering into recovery can often be a lonely, desolate experience for young men struggling with addiction. They are asked to no longer have connections with their “using buddies” and remove themselves from old and familiar people, places and things.

At Real Recovery, we provide a strong brotherhood like no other, where authentic relationships are established and lifelong friendships are made. This can help alleviate the feelings of isolation that may accompany early recovery.

Pets can also help young men who wish to stay sober feel loved and purposeful. Some addiction treatment centers provide individuals with a new pet. In those cases, we welcome the young man and his new companion as well. Engaging with, caring for and spending quality time with a dog can enhance and aid the recovery process, and Real Recovery supports that philosophy.

Upon arrival, each client with a dog will enter his pet into a 30-day training program with one of the top dog trainers in the Asheville area. This allows the client to adjust to his new home and lifestyle while his pet gets ready to join him. Clients frequently visit their dogs during this time for play and learning and are also allowed to bring their pets along for outdoor activities, such as hikes and waterfall visits.

Young men in our addiction treatment program will have had adequate time to understand treatment plans, get settled and set up career plans and/or education goals by the time their pets are ready to be reunited with their owners. This method allows our clients to stay focused solely on recovery, while ensuring that their furry friends are well-behaved and well-trained.

At Real Recovery, we love animals and do our best to ensure we provide the utmost care and attention to them as well as their owners.