True recovery from addiction knows no shortcuts. It’s a day by day, week by week, month by month process without a firm template or a timetable, a process that looks slightly different from one person to another. During the recovery process, one of the main goals is to reach a point where you can be honest with yourself about your physical and emotional state, as you free yourself from the grip of addiction and progress toward permanent freedom.

Certified mental and behavioral health professionals are an amazing help during this time, especially when it comes to growing that sense of personal honesty. At the same time, though there’s certainly no substitute for getting the help you need when you need it, you can find a wide variety of supplementary tools that make the recovery process easier and more tolerable. These resources include mobile applications built specifically for anyone attempting to recover from addiction, with tools that are easy to use on the go.

Recovery-based mobile apps allow you total transparency with yourself in a confidential manner, helping you develop the same healthy, honest habits that licensed therapists and counselors are actively fostering.

Get to know some of the most helpful mobile apps we could find below, all specifically created to help make your addiction recovery process easier and more intuitive.

I Am Sober

One of our favorite habit-building mobile apps, I Am Sober helps you redefine your daily routine. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, I Am Sober offers constant motivation toward maintaining sobriety one day at a time. The app offers a variety of beneficial features, all designed to fortify your addiction recovery efforts. These features include a sober day tracker, offering a visual representation of your sober days encouragement on demand. Also available in the free app are features like a milestone tracker and withdrawal timeline, along with a sobriety calculator – a tool that allows you to celebrate exactly how much time and money your sobriety is saving you.


Unlike so many other addiction recovery apps developed by agencies and medical boards, Nomo offers a more personalized take on addiction recovery. Developed by Parker, a man recovering from addiction, Nomo offers all of the same features that helped him recover from his addiction and maintain personal freedom.

The app allows you to track and monitor as many “clocks” as you’d like to install: Nomo allows you to create an individual tracking clock for each issue you’re working on. In addition, you can share these clocks with friends, family members or anyone else supporting you on your recovery journey. Discover Nomo, a free mobile app developed by someone who understands exactly what you’re going through, and built a platform to help you track highs and lows on a daily basis.

Sober Grid

Touted as the world’s most popular recovery mobile app, Sober Grid offers all of the mainstream features you could ask for when it comes to a recovery advocate in your pocket. A free mobile app available on iPhone and Android phones, Sober Grid is an established resource that includes several features that other recovery apps don’t. For example, you can now access 24/7 live peer coaching right through their mobile platform, for extra help or feedback whenever you need it most.

You’ll be able to join a growing community of recovering men and women, thousands of hopeful individuals who trust Sober Grid to assist them in their respective journeys to freedom. And with in-app features like daily check-ins, accomplishment badges and privacy options, it’s a proven tool that does nothing but support your recovery goals.


Originally developed by a certified counselor, SoberTool helps you take control of the weakest moment during your day, when you feel you’re most susceptible to setbacks. Unlike other mobile recovery apps that track daily progress, SoberTool is primarily meant to be used moment to moment, whenever you’re feeling vulnerable or when temptation for relapse creep in. Simply fire up the app and answer a few questions, and you’ll find support to continue your flight toward personal freedom. Free for both Android and iPhone users, SoberTool is your go-to mobile app to correct recovery-related issues before they even happen.


A mobile app called recoveryBox offers maybe the most simple, straightforward method for tracking and improving your recovery goals. First, you’ll identify a collection of behaviors you want to track, definitive actions and reactions that you’re interested in gauging on a daily basis. From there, you’ll rate your daily success on the “traffic light” scale: green for good, yellow for mixed success, and red to indicate the opportunity for improvement.

Discover a unique approach to recovery and well-being from recoveryBox, helping you take control of your decisions before, during and after you choose to make them. Earn badges, integrate accountability partners into your approach, even identify and work toward treatment goals, all from a color-based grading system app that works to put your recovery into your own hands.

One day at a time, one step at a time, one app at a time

No matter the individual mobile app features, no matter the platform, the approach here is the same: each app developer wants to help you take back your fight against addiction. No matter what that process looks like in your own life, recovery can be a harrowing process. It can prove equal parts intimidating and rewarding, frustrating and seemingly without end.

That’s where any of the above mobile apps can help. Separate from the professional recovery help you receive, you’ll be able to track progress, count addiction-free days, and even share your progress with those individuals closest to you.

On days when things go wrong, you’ll know why. And on days when things go right, you’ll be able to document every moment to retroactively enjoy. Introduce your addiction recovery process to any one of the mobile apps above, and in time that same app can help deliver your best-case scenario: the addiction-free, passionate life you’re fighting to take back.