With an abundance of hiking areas in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Real Recovery has easy access to some of the best views in the southeast. At Real Recovery, we lead our men on many hikes throughout their stay here.

Find Joy in Nature

We believe taking our men on hikes helps provide them with a peaceful environment where they can momentarily step away from the daily distractions that a life in recovery can bring. Getting away from routines and hiking up the side of a mountain can lead to some of the best conversations a group of men can have. By going hiking with the guys in our program, we get to find joy and help redefine what that looks like for them.

Life’s challenges shape the perspective that the men in our program have on joy, how they find joy and what it means to them. We may start the hike and finish it in record time, or we might start the hike and fail to reach the top. Either way, we encourage the guys to view the challenge of the hike as a chance to grow and the failure as a chance to learn.

At Real Recovery, that’s our goal: to help our men learn how to respond to life’s challenges through building a new perspective, combined with trust and love in each other and in us, giving them a strong foundation for recovery.

— Lucas Denson, Administrative/Marketing Assistant