When you search “sober living,” you’ll find an endless list of facilities and recovery homes that provide treatment, but sober living is so much more than that. Living a sober life surely requires assessments and treatment plans, but your journey toward a new life also includes new friendships, new adventures and a new purpose.

If you’re ready to rebuild yourself from the inside out, this article can give you hope for the future and excite you about all the possibilities that come with recovery.

Why get sober?

There are plenty of studies that state substance use disorders are damaging to your body and brain. The symptoms of addiction are severe, painful and compound on themselves, changing neural activity and reward circuitry so you are unable to complete daily functions.

Drugs and alcohol rob the body and the mind of their prime faculties, but what’s worse is the effect on your soul when you’re a slave to drugs and alcohol. Philosophers have long held the freedom of individual agency in high esteem, and nothing strips that from you faster than addiction.

Sobriety isn’t just better for your physical health, or your employment or general society. If all other motivations have failed you in the past, it’s time to get sober for you. Sober living lets you live in true freedom, making your own decisions and living a life dictated by you— not by cravings.

What is sober living?

Sober living means that you are able to function unencumbered by a chemical dependence. When you engage in the work of recovery and achieve mastery over your own decisions, you won’t be swayed to use substances. You’ll have power over social pressure, withdrawal and the delusion that drugs can heal emotional issues.

The battle to overcome an addiction is no easy task, and sober living requires that you pursue holistic healing. Many people face a long list of barriers to complete recovery, but long-term sobriety means facing your past, your insecurities and your worries about the future. It requires that you become comfortable in your own skin, and when you do you’ll feel truly liberated.

In order to achieve sober living, here are some areas you’ll need to address.

Past wounds

There isn’t a single person who hasn’t experienced pain. We’ve all encountered obstacles, and while some may seem more intense than others, all experiences of hurt are valid. In order to experience sobriety, you have to acknowledge, accept and address past wounds.

Broken relationships

Addiction can drive us to act in ways we normally wouldn’t, and this takes its toll on all of our relationships. To achieve sober living, you’ll have to confront your behavior towards others. In treatment and through therapy, you can build new communication patterns, apologize and make amends in broken relationships.

Inner struggles

Mental health disorders and substance use disorders have a high comorbidity rate. When you are faced with mental illness on top of an addiction, there will be additional intervention needed to aid in the healing process. 

These interior struggles may be masked by substance use, so uncovering them could prove to be painful. However, putting in the work to manage emotional symptoms will make recovery easier and more fulfilling.

Personality changes

Addiction has a profound effect on every individual, and many people feel that they’ve become angry, bitter or irritable since their drug use began. The truth is, it’s not you that’s changed, it’s your brain chemistry. 

Undoing the toxic effect of drugs means you’ll uncover your true self. You’ll find you’re calmer, kinder and more passionate. You’ll realize you were living as a mummy, operating under the dictatorship of drugs.

What matters most

In order for sober living habits to be sustainable, you’ll have to dig deep and decide what means the most to you in life. While contingency management has proven to help individuals in recovery by offering small extrinsic motivators, you’ll need some long-term goals to keep you on track.

Individuals in rehab often find themselves contemplating what is most important in their lives, and you’re likely to find yourself wrestling with the same question. The lifelong search for meaning is often pushed to the front of your mind during the toughest days of recovery.

Sober living is for you

Many people encounter hesitation before embracing sobriety for good, but rest assured, sobriety is attainable and there’s no such thing as a hopeless cause. Picture your life free from substances and use those images as fuel to get started today.

At Real Recovery Sober Living you can find the hope you need to change your perspective. Reach out today to take back your life.