Eating healthy in early recovery can be a challenge. Living in active addiction can cause a person to lose sight of what a healthy, well-balanced diet looks like. If you are in early recovery, you may find yourself craving sugars, carbs, caffeine and other things that are not necessarily good for your body.

FUN RELAPSE PREVENTION ACTIVITIES THAT WORKIn sober living facilities, there is usually a great deal of autonomy and responsibility when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking for yourself. So, how do you make decisions that will be beneficial physically and mentally? Planning ahead, asking for others advice, and balancing eating and exercising are all ways to help yourself live a healthy life in early recovery.

Plan Ahead

In active addiction, you may have been living impulsively with a day-by-day or even minute-by-minute mentality. In recovery, you are better able to think ahead and make plans. When it comes to grocery shopping, think about what you might like to eat for the week. Take into consideration breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack food. Make a grocery list before going to the store so that you don’t grab whatever catches your eye. Planning ahead will help you choose healthier foods instead of tempting unhealthy foods.

Ask for Advice

While sober living facilities often provide autonomy when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking meals, there is support available if you ask for it. Staff at Real Recovery can accompany you while you go grocery shopping to help point out healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods you may be gravitating towards. Our therapist may able to make a recommendation for a nutritionist you can meet with to discuss your diet and modifications you can make to feel better physically and mentally.

Balance Eating and Exercise

Finding healthy outlets and pairing them with a healthy diet is a key component of Real Recovery’s program. Some of these healthy outlets include exercise and time outdoors. Real Recovery provides residents with gym memberships, CrossFit memberships, and rock climbing gym memberships so that they can find the mode of exercise that feels best for them. Along with a healthy diet, these modes of exercise help residents in early recovery feel their best physically and mentally.

In early recovery, people often have many unhealthy habits to overcome. For a lot of people, the way they eat is one of those unhealthy habits that needs to change. When a sober living facility is equipped to help their residents make this change, they are usually more successful at sustaining new healthy habits. At Real Recovery, our staff is able to support residents in making healthy decisions when it comes to grocery shopping, cooking, and exercise.