In active addiction, a person’s life revolves around getting, using, and feeling the effects of drugs and alcohol. Usually, there is not a profound sense of meaning in a person’s life and any excitement comes from the thrill of obtaining and using substances. People in active addiction often stop engaging in hobbies that once interested them. They disconnect from healthy friendships and relationships with family members, choosing to spend their time using drugs and alcohol with fellow addicts instead. Overall, life in active addiction is unfulfilling, which is often a part of the reason people want to recover.

Why You Should Live in Asheville after Sober LivingWhen someone decides they want to start on the path to recovery, it’s important that they find meaning and excitement their life. A recovery that does not have these elements is hard to sustain because it is not fulfilling. Eventually, a lack of fulfillment combined with feeling recovery is boring can cause a person to think twice about whether or not living a sober lifestyle is really worth it.

In order to create a sense of meaning in one’s life, a person needs to feel like they are valuable and productive. This can include a job, a volunteer commitment, simply helping others, and maintaining healthy relationships with other people. Creating a list of short- and long-term goals and tracking progress towards them; utilizing daily to-do lists; and keeping a journal that reflects on one’s growth in recovery all help a person to feel productive in recovery.

To develop a sense of excitement, people in recovery need to develop new hobbies they can do on a regular basis and take initiative to create their own adventures. This means having an open mind and trying activities from all different areas – like sports and exercise, arts and crafts, and cooking – until they find the hobbies they enjoy most. Things like going camping, trying zip lining, or planning a vacation can provide extra excitement and a break from daily hobbies.

One easy way to invite a sense of meaning and excitement into a person’s life is by residing in a sober living facility. Sober living facilities, like Real Recovery, are designed to incorporate activities that contribute to that sense of purpose. They offer opportunities to help others, encourage productivity, and allow residents to experience excitement through hobbies and adventures. To learn more, contact Real Recovery today.