If you’re one of those people who love cleaning and dedicate large portions of your weekend to making your apartment glisten from top to bottom, we really wish you’d share your secret. If you’re one of those people who absolutely hate the thought of cleaning and can’t wait until Apple releases a robot that does the laundry and the dishes, you’re not alone.

Cleaning – while undeniably therapeutic – can be stressful, especially when the place is a mess and there’s seemingly no time in the day to get it clean, let alone organized. However, cleaning demands to be done, as the dusty end tables and crumbs on the floor simply refuse to take care of themselves. 

There are thousands and thousands of house cleaning tips, spring cleaning tips, you-name-it cleaning tips on the internet, but we went ahead and compiled a few of the ones we believe will get your place clean in the shortest amount of time possible.

1. Clean small sections frequently 

Feeling like everything has piled up and needs to be taken care of all at once is truly exhausting and overwhelming. For this reason, try to keep up with daily chores to avoid becoming overwhelmed and having so much to do in so little time. Perhaps on Mondays, you vacuum, on Tuesday you fold the laundry, Wednesday you wipe down the bathroom, and so on. If you stay on top of small things throughout the week, your place will not only feel tidier; you’ll feel less overwhelmed when it’s time to deep clean.

2. Include something you enjoy 

It’s important to make cleaning as enjoyable as possible – it helps the work get done faster. Perhaps you have a rerun TV show you can put on in the background, a podcast you like to listen to or music that really keeps you moving and motivated. Whatever your motivator is, take full advantage of it and use it while cleaning (so long as it doesn’t distract you!).

3. Pick up and then clean

Have you ever tried to mop the floor without sweeping first or wiped down the countertops without putting away the cereal boxes left out from breakfast? It’s not very productive work, and it really slows down the process when a clump of hair is stuck to the bottom of the mop. Therefore, always pick it up and put it away before cleaning. Whether it’s toys, laundry or just random things out of place, the actual cleaning goes much faster when these obstacles are gone. 

4. Assign each person a room 

If you have kids or roommates, and it’s time to clean the house, assign everyone their own room. This can help keep everyone (including you) on task because they know they’re in charge of cleaning their bedroom rather than just “cleaning.” Not only does it keep one motivated knowing they have only a small section to complete, it gets everything cleaned quickly when you’re not the only one cleaning the entire house. 

5. The “If it takes less than two minutes, do it now” Rule 

This rule means what it says – if it takes less than two minutes, just do it. This could be switching the laundry, starting or unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash, wiping down the mirror or putting away shoes in the entryway. By keeping on top of these small, actually quick tasks, you’ll have even less to pick up on days when you deep clean, plus the house will feel tidy all the time.

6. Divide and conquer

If you have “Clean the house” written on the 15th day of each month, you’re going to hate the 15th of every month. However, if you divide the chores into daily, weekly and monthly tasks, you’ll be able to keep a cleaner house and save time in the long run. Plus, it develops a healthy sense of discipline. It honestly works wonders when you sweep and run the dishwasher daily, do the laundry and vacuum weekly and deep clean the kitchen and bathroom monthly. 

7. Go task by task, not room by room 

If you live alone or just happen to be alone on cleaning day, it moves the process along faster when you go task by task. For example, first, walk through the whole house and pick up all the clutter. Then, go through and dust. Follow that up with a vacuum and viola! You’ve got all the bases covered in no time at all. 

Cleaning has its benefits

As much as you might dislike it, cleaning offers peace of mind, not to mention a clean house. And while it allows you to feel more organized and “put together,” cleaning also promotes healthy living and a desire to take care of oneself. So no matter how irksome cleaning might be, believe it or not, taking the time for it is important for you! 
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