Staying sober while in recovery can be a real challenge for many young men. You have completed treatment and are now expected to return to family, friends and the rest of society. You may be excited to reenter the world of sober living, but how do you avoid using again?

Working Is Part of a Long-Term Recovery Plan

Employment is a significant accomplishment and can be a critical key to recovery and long-term sober living. Think about the stability in knowing where you are going to be every weekday, as opposed to floundering and maybe encountering triggers such as old friends and hangouts that may tempt you to use again.

Finding the perfect job may not be a breeze, but you can get started on the road to working while in recovery in a few different ways by volunteering, going on interviews or getting more job training. Residency at Real Recovery requires you to work while undergoing rehab. This will keep you in the right frame of mind for a job search later on and also keep up your spirits by providing you with the confidence you’ll need.

How Having a Job Helps in Recovery

There are several reasons why employment in recovery is so important for you.

  • Salary: You will earn an income that will allow you to be responsible for your financial obligations. This is possibly something you couldn’t accomplish while you were using, but is now an achievable goal.
  • Stable Life: Being expected to show up for work creates a stable lifestyle. Performing well on the job regularly, being on time and gaining the respect of your boss and co-workers will give you the constancy you need to be strong and proud.
  • Self-Esteem: Rediscover your self-esteem when you’ve not only overcome addiction, but you’ve also taken on the challenge of employment. When you are hired for a steady job, you now have a purpose and can take part in meaningful daily activities that will boost your self-confidence and self-worth.1
  • Community Involvement: When you have a job, you are part of a community. Your work environment can be an important source of stability and healthy relationships, and employment in recovery brings you out into the community in a productive way.2 You are using your time constructively instead of daydreaming about your old way of life. Hopefully, you will find new friends in coworkers who are also living a sober lifestyle.

Employment in Recovery

At the Real Recovery sober living program, working at fighting addiction while maintaining employment outside the program are requirements that keep young men on track to successful outcomes. It can be difficult to get into the real world of employment after going through addiction treatment. Real Recovery assists by requiring you to either work or go to school while recovering.



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