Structured Sober Living

We started Real Recovery because we wanted to give young men and women a structured sober living program we always dreamed of. While we stress the importance of fun, love and recovery—we know how important structure is to a young man or woman’s recovery.

Our structured sober living program is built around instilling feelings of trust, which directly relate to maintaining a consistent routine and creating a comfort zone around accountability for self and others.

Here’s a look at our typical program:

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Woman Helping Man On Trail As Group Of Senior Friends Go Hiking In Countryside Together
  • Morning Meditation — 8am

    Each day we honor the day’s beginning. During this time, residents talk about their plans for the day, put in requests for things like transportation and have the chance to connect with each other.

  • Real Recovery Monday House Meeting

    Every Monday we hold a full house meeting after the weekly 12-step meeting. Like our other meetings, residents are encouraged to share their progress and to be open and honest about how their recovery is going.

  • Attend 12-Step Program

    We require that our residents attend at least five 12-step meetings per week. This is necessary for a healthy program, which is why the Real Recovery staff adheres to this requirement, too. Residents can attend in groups and they typically go out for coffee before and out to dinner afterwards.

  • Random, Frequent Drug & Alcohol Screens

    Ensuring no lapses into active addiction is the utmost concern at Real Recovery. Drug testing provides added accountability on us to make sure our residents stay sober. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art testing, which includes testing for “hard to detect” substances like Suboxone or synthetic marijuana.

  • Sunday Dinner

    Real Recovery is one big happy family—and big happy families gather for dinner on Sundays. This weekly gathering is a time for celebrating gratitude for our lives and our family members. Graduates, residents, family members, friends and anyone else in the community are welcome to join and break bread with us.

  • Nightly Wind-Down

    Sunday–Thursday @ 10:30pm
    Friday & Saturday @ 12:30am
    Each evening, we reconvene for a period of reflection we call the nightly wind-down. During this time, everyone has a chance to go back over their day, reflecting and sharing on any successes or challenges. Wind-down provides another chance to connect with each other—we laugh, we let loose and we prepare for a well-earned night’s rest.

  • Job and Academic Support

    Every resident is expected to work or attend school. We help every resident make goals and plan out the steps to achieve them.

Woman Helping Man On Trail As Group Of Senior Friends Go Hiking In Countryside Together

Always Ready for Adventure

In between our typical day-to-day program, our residents stay busy embarking on sober adventures. From March to November, we go on an outdoor adventure or hike each week, and a mountain biking trip each month.

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  • men hiking to jump into cold river
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