What is Outdoor Recovery?

Sober Activities and Outdoor Recovery

Our outdoor recovery program sets us apart from others – we embrace the healing power of the great outdoors. Discussions tend to take place in locations such as on the snowboarding slopes of Maggie Valley or the fly-fishing waters of the Davidson River.

The mountains and nature surrounding Asheville are our wilderness recovery grounds. Find us at an invigorating polar plunge at Triple Falls, ziplining through the trees at Navitat and hiking or fly-fishing in Pisgah National Forest. An active lifestyle is paramount at Real Recovery.

Although we support thrills in in sobriety, we know how vital structure is to the recovery process. We work hard to combine our outdoor recovery program with our sober living program, to provide a healthy, well-balanced structure for our residents.

Work Hard, Play Hard

One of the most important lessons in recovery is learning healthy ways to cope with life’s constant ups and downs. Sports are an excellent way to do this and we believe they’re essential to every young man and woman’s sobriety.

Team sports like soccer and basketball encourage teamwork, communication skills and physical fitness—and we learn positive ways to cope with winning and losing. We have summer, fall and spring teams available, including a YMCA recreation league, which is a year-round sport, and a men’s soccer team through the Asheville Buncombe Adult Soccer Association (ABASA).

Real Recovery teams have won three trophies, two regular season championship games and one play-off championship.

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