Technology has been evolving continuously for decades and has many benefits.  With the evolution of technology, life has become easier for many people. Humans have been able to make great strides in the fields of medicine, sports, education, entertainment, communication, and travel. However, the evolution of technology has not been without consequences.

How to Find a Job After Addiction TreatmentOriginally developed as a way to help connect people and improve quality of life, some would argue that technology is now doing the opposite. We are seeing people struggling to socialize and communicate without the perceived protective barrier technology creates, as well as people who forget the importance of communicating in person. As a result, it is difficult to have meaningful connections with people and easy to feel lonely despite having many “friends” on social media. 

Technology has also created an issue wherein people are constantly seeking stimulation. The incessant need to be entertained has resulted in difficulty living in the moment and being patient. Having access to the internet, games, videos, music, and other forms of stimulation at the tip of our fingers through smartphones has led to an expectation of instant gratification.

If you’ve noticed yourself experiencing an unhealthy attachment to your phone, video games, or other forms of technology, it’s important to make some changes.

Start by connecting with friends and family members in person instead of through social media. Although it may be challenging, save meaningful conversations for phone calls or – better yet – in person interactions in order to feel a deeper sense of connection with the people you are communicating with.

Try detoxing from your phone and other forms of technology that give you a sense of instant gratification by limiting your time on them or deleting apps that aren’t truly necessary.

Find more fulfilling ways of entertaining yourself such as reading, drawing, cooking, or exercising. 

Also, work on building your patience by using mindfulness to stay in the present moment instead of trying to escape using technology.

Becoming overly dependent on technology can seriously impact a person’s ability to socialize and regulate their emotions. As a result, it’s important to be mindful about the amount of time you’re spending using technology and the intentions behind your use of technology. If you’re struggling to successfully implement the suggestions above, consider working with a therapist to address underlying issues related to socializing, communicating, and remaining present.