Men in addiction recovery who take advantage of gender-specific sober living programs can achieve better treatment outcomes. Men-only sober living homes offer many benefits and eliminate distractions when compared with co-ed sober living homes.

Gender Differences and Substance Abuse

Research has shown that many factors can significantly affect treatment outcomes. These factors include income, education level, job status, the kinds of substances used, psychiatric disorders, marital status, sexual abuse history and parenthood.1 Due to the significant differences in these factors that vary by gender, gender-specific sober living programs are more effective than mixed-gender recovery settings.

Sober living is a critical aspect of recovery. Sober living provides a transitional phase from intensive treatment to fully independent living. The greater the focus on gender-specific issues and the less distractions involved, the better the treatment outcomes will be.

Men-Only Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes offer safe living environments that are drug- and alcohol-free. Sober living residents are usually required to have a job or attend school, go to house meetings attend therapy or support groups regularly and undergo routine drug tests.

Living in a co-ed sober living home could increase the risk of developing romantic or sexual attractions that can be distracting. Distractions can negatively impact treatment outcomes. The sole focus should be on staying sober, building solid foundations for a new life and getting ready for independent living. Anything that could prove to be a distraction from these goals should be prevented.

Men-Only Sober Living Homes Provide Support

Many men in men-only sober living homes have strained relationships with their families. The emotional and economic consequences of substance abuse have powerful psychological consequences, and these effects are also experienced by spouses, parents and children.2

A men-only sober living home can help residents deal with these fractured relationships in positive ways. The mutual support between residents that comes with living in a men-only sober living home offers an important emotional peer support network that helps those in recovery to make positive changes in their lives and maintain long-term sobriety.

Sharing Safely

Men often find it hard to share some of the most painful aspects of the trauma and addiction they’ve experienced when in a co-ed setting. Many men feel safer talking about these issues in a men-only sober living environment where other males may have been through similar experiences.

Research shows that men-only sober living homes provide safe, supportive and stable residences for people in recovery from addiction. Residing in a sober living environment is associated with improving the personal support networks of residents, and these changes are connected to a decreased risk of relapse.3

Men-only sober living homes offer an ideal setting to develop a personal support network, helping residents to achieve lasting sobriety and experience a smoother transition into fully independent living.



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