Healthy Structure and Real Adventures

Our sober living transitional housing programs in Asheville, NC help our clients develop a healthy structure and instill in our residents a strong work ethic, improved self-sufficiency and the desire to be responsible for their own actions. Even though we’re all about finding thrills in sobriety, we know how critical structure is to the recovery process.

Every resident undergoes a selective interview and evaluation process to determine if they’re the right fit for our program. From the initial assessment, we work with each client to create a plan for their Path to Recovery. On this path, we provide a multitude of programs to help with sobriety from our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to our Outdoor Recovery Program that provides our clients with the chance to live in the moment, build social skills and gain the self-confidence they need as they move into their new fulfilling life of sobriety.

At Real Recovery, our men’s transitional residence program serves young men ages 18 to 28, though exceptions are made for clients older than 28 where developmentally appropriate. Violent and sexual crime offenders are prohibited from Real Recovery.

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Men’s Sober Living Program Highlights

  • 14 full-time staff members

  • Maximum of 38 clients within our residences
  • Structured daily activities
  • Access provided to structured substance use outpatient treatment in downtown Asheville (IOP, OP and aftercare)

  • Intensive case management

  • Vocational support

  • Educational support

  • Life skills/resume building

  • 24-hour house manager on shift

  • 2.5:1 client-to-staff ratio

  • Random, frequent, and thorough drug & alcohol screening

  • A brotherhood of love and support

Recovery House Rules

Our structure does not mean a rigid, unforgiving routine. Nonetheless, every resident is expected to follow our house rules:

  1. Stay sober
  2. Participate in all sober living programs
  3. Pass application screening
  4. Actively seek a life beyond your wildest dreams
  5. Work and/or attend school after your first 30 days
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A Responsible Approach to Medication-Assisted Treatment in Sober Living

Our goal is to provide a safe, judgement-free refuge for young men whose path to recovery includes the use of Sublocade or Vivitrol.

  • Medication is secured by staff at all times.

  • Sublocade is a once-a-month subcutaneous injection. This allows our clients the freedom from daily dosing and removes the ritual of taking medication.

  • Real Recovery’s board-certified addiction psychiatrist prescribes all medication.

  • Clients participate in clinical treatment programming up to 5 days per week in an intensive outpatient (IOP) or partial hospitalization (PHP) program.

  • Weekly drug screens are conducted to ensure all medications are at intended therapeutic levels.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

Many young men who are addicted to heroin or opiates find themselves struggling to maintain sobriety, even after the completion of one or more treatment programs. The overwhelming risk of continued use or relapse sometimes leads to a recommendation that includes the use of medication-assisted treatment, such as Sublocade, a monthly buprenorphine injection, or Vivitrol. Real Recovery’s commitment to young men in recovery is inclusive of those individuals who are appropriately taking medication to overcome their addiction. Our unique medication-assisted treatment offers clients a safe, structured and responsible sober living environment while also fully addressing their medication needs.