Real Recovery on the Radio

Well, I’ll have to admit that we were completely stunned when we got the phone call asking if we were interested in traveling to Atlanta to have Real Recovery on the radio to talk about all things that we’re doing to help young men live sober and successful lives. I guess I’ve never thought of us as “experts” in our field, but apparently people have taken notice to the way that we do things and are really wanting to learn more about our unique approach to recovery.

The radio show was called “Testing the Experts” (presented by Confirmatrix Laboratory) and was aired on the Business RadioX station out of the Atlanta area. The show introduces listeners to top physicians, treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities, researchers, law enforcement personnel and other organizations in the area to discuss their work. It was an honor to be able to go on air and share the story of Real Recovery as well as to be given the opportunity to talk in depth about our one-of-a-kind sober living program and give listeners an “inside look” into how Real operates.

We have never been the kind of organization that does everything the way that everybody else does, and we’ve also never been afraid to go against the grain when it comes to teaching young men how to live sober lives that they will love. This is our passion and the heart of what we do, and we believe that when it comes to that, we are the best in the country. Believe me, if anybody can talk about the things that are wrong with the current status quo of aftercare options in America, it is us. I can’t tell you how many horrific recovery residence stories we have between the guys on our team. The one great thing about all of those unfortunate stories is that through them all we’ve learned how to fix many of those problems and now (through our own learning experiences,) we are able to offer real solutions that work every single day to our clients at Real Recovery. We came onto aftercare scene 5 years ago with a big dream to redefine the recovery residence experience for young men ages 18 to 28 and we consider ourselves incredibly blessed to now be able to live in that reality.