Real Recovery’s Unique Approach

Substance Abuse Programs

Real Recovery offers a variety of substance abuse treatment programs that can suit your specific situation. Our recovery programs can help put you or a loved one back on the right track:

Addiction recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and the journey often presents many challenges. The first few months of early recovery after leaving a residential treatment program or detox can be tricky, and relapse is common. In order to navigate this time period and increase chances of long-term recovery, it is often beneficial to seek the additional support and structure of an extended care program.

Extended care addiction recovery at Real Recovery provides a bridge between primary drug and alcohol abuse treatment and successful transition into life in sobriety. For an individual struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, our extended care recovery community can offer in-depth help and support to maintain sobriety after treatment.

Our structured transitional program provides an opportunity to better understand and address other issues you or a loved one may be facing, such as weak support systems, poor coping skills or cognitive impairment due to substance abuse. This can all be done while you progressively take on more independence and attempt to find employment or take classes at a local college. The benefits of having our full support system in place greatly enhance your likelihood of doing so while avoiding relapse or other negative behaviors.