Suboxone/Vivitrol Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

Many people who are addicted to heroin or opiates find themselves struggling to maintain sobriety, even after the completion of one or more treatment programs. The overwhelming risk of continued use or relapse sometimes leads to a recommendation that includes the use of medication assisted treatment, such as Suboxone or Vivitrol.

Real Recovery’s commitment to clients in recovery is inclusive of those individuals who are appropriately taking medication to overcome their addiction. Our program fully addresses clients’ medication needs by providing access and transportation to medication-assisted treatment, while providing a safe, structured and responsible sober living environment at our facilities.

A Responsible Approach to Medication-Assisted Treatment in Sober Living

Our goal is to guide people through recovery over 6-9 months while on an extended taper from Suboxone or Vivitrol.

  • Medication is dispensed and administered daily in our state-licensed addiction treatment facility with partnering on-site pharmacy.

  • No medication leaves our treatment facility or is allowed to enter the residence.

  • Real Recovery’s board-certified addiction psychiatrist prescribes all medication.

  • Clients participate in treatment programming up to 3 days/week at an Intensive Outpatient Program.

  • Weekly drug screens are conducted to ensure all medications are at intended therapeutic levels.