What is a sedative? These calming medications are drugs that are prescribed for sleep and anxiety-related issues. While they can be beneficial for those that need help, they can be addicting because of their tendency to relax users by slowing down their brain activity.

Do I Need Help for Sedative Addiction?

Knowing what the signs are for being addicted to sedatives will help you determine if you need to reach out and get help. They are highly addictive, and anyone can become dependent on this type of medication. A sedative addict will show one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Impaired reflexes and perception – you will react slowly to things, and your distance and depth perception will be impaired
  • Mental disorders – symptoms of depression such as fatigue and hopelessness, as well as developing anxiety are included
  • Level of dependency – if you feel like you can’t stop taking them or thinking about them
  • Other physical symptoms – dizziness, blurred vision, and sleepiness

Overall, sedatives affect the central nervous system and are meant to make them relax. If you notice that you are chasing this effect or any of the ones listed above, it is time to seek help and call a professional.

What to Expect

Sedative addicts need to remember how to live life without their addiction. Real Recovery can help those looking to recover by teaching necessary life skills and other tools, along with accountability, in transitional sober living. Some of our program’s features include:

  • Structured daily activities
  • Intensive case management
  • Outdoor experiential outings
  • Meditation
  • Life skills training and support (resume writing, financial planning, schedule creation)

For people who are beginning a life of recovery, our sedative sober living program provides the necessary support for a better life in the future. Our plan includes transitional steps back to independent living as well as building a support network. These include:

  • Commitment to lifelong recovery
  • Obtaining a support network outside of rehab
  • Staying healthy physically
  • Continuing mental and emotional healing from your addiction
  • Avoiding relapse through proper maintenance and treatment (if applicable)

Seeking Help for a Sedative Addiction

Entering a sober living program is not an easy decision. If you need to recover from an addiction to sedatives such as prescription sleeping medication, getting help will provide the necessary tools to start your recovery journey.

At Real Recovery of Asheville, our personalized treatment plans, qualified staff and tailored approach to recovery have a proven track record of success. For more information on treatment and sober living, please contact us.

The only way to change your life for the better is to seek out help. Take the first step and start your recovery today.