Structured Sober Living: More Than Just a House

Structured Sober Living or Halfway House?

We’re often asked what is better – a sober living home or a halfway house? In some circles, the terms are very similar.

  • A halfway house typically refers to a temporary living situation for people who are homeless or people who have recently been released from jail.
  • A sober living home or sober living residence is specially designed to help people who have recently completed addiction treatment remain sober and complete their recovery.

Real Recovery is a sober living program for women & men between the ages of 18 & 28. What’s more: we’re what you’d call a structured sober living community.

Structured Sober Living is Different

Many sober living homes and halfway houses provide a level of support and care to their residents, but Real Recovery takes it further.

While our young men and women often find themselves embarking on sober adventures, the days are particularly structured and planned out. We are a long-term program. Through our structured system, the men and women at Real Recovery not only learn how to stay sober and in recovery, they also learn how to have fun, how to maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle and how to start living the life they were always meant to live.

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Is Sober Living Expensive?

Sober living houses do tend to be more expensive than halfway houses. This is due to the level of care and attention the residents receive while living at the sober facility.

Real Recovery recognizes that the cost of attending a sober living facility may be prohibitive to some, which is why we offer financing options in certain cases. Check out our payment page to learn more.

Active & Uplifting Outdoor Recovery

We ensure that sobriety is never boring by engaging in positive and fun activities together on a daily basis. You might find us snowboarding the slopes of Maggie Valley, fly fishing the waters in the Davidson River or hiking the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway trails. In between, we join local clubs and sports teams.

Staying happy and active is not only critical to your success; it is what makes Real Recovery special.

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