Relapse Prevention Activities

For people in recovery from a substance use disorder, relapse prevention activities are a must. Many individuals experience relapse even after treatment. Addiction treatment specialists assert that during the first few years after treatment, the individual is especially vulnerable to relapse.

Learning how to manage the triggers that can lead to relapse, therefore, is essential. By participating in enjoyable hobbies and activities, you can maintain your recovery and successfully ward off relapse.

Dive into Podcasts

If you have yet to hear much about podcasts, now is your chance to explore the vast array of topics that exist. Great for general knowledge but also for health and life hacks, the Tim Ferriss show covers fitness, nutrition, and celebrity interviews such as Jamie Foxx and Tony Robbins. For those who prefer books, his 4 Hour Work Week is a fast read that can give you tools to restart your life. 


Yoga is typically thought of as a meditative activity, which it is, but it can also be particularly enjoyable, especially when practiced with a group. Yoga is a restorative activity that helps promote mindfulness, a powerful trait that can help individuals manage negative emotions and keep relapse at bay.

Take a Class

Have you ever wished you could draw a cityscape or paint a water color? What about learning how to repair old books or build a new bookcase? You can fulfill these dreams when you take an online course or a class at your local community college. Look into online courses like Udemy for career building options. Many of these classes are affordable and can help provide feelings of self confidence.

Organize a Potluck Dinner and Movie Night

Socializing is enjoyable, but it’s important to do it in a manner that supports your commitment to sober living. Consider doing some cooking, and invite a few friends over to bring along a special dish as well. After your potluck dinner, you can enjoy a movie.

The Youtube channel Binging With Babish teaches viewers how to make dishes made famous on television and in movies. This is a perfect potluck starter kit. Just watch, learn, invite friends, and have fun. This way you will have a potluck dinner inspired by your movie night.

Start a Blog

A new project can be a great way to relieve stress and prevent relapse. When you have a new project like a blog, you can focus on a healthy activity, something that you can enjoy during your free time. You can start a blog about your recovery journey or about something completely unrelated, like your experiences as a parent or your love for sports and fitness. Treat it like a diary. You can even do it visually via Pinterest, if you like.

Join a Gym

Exercise is important for both physical and mental health. Joining a gym or fitness center gives you access to multiple activities. You can swim in the pool, walk the track, lift weights, ride a stationary bike, or participate in a group class. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that can help enhance the recovery process.

Relapse can sneak up on a person when they’re experiencing negative emotions and stressing over those emotions. Maintaining a structured daily routine and participating in healthful activities that support one’s overall well-being can help support your commitment to sober living. Try one of these relapse prevention activities, individually or in a group, or consider others, but be sure you find enjoyable pursuits to help keep your recovery on track.


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