Did you know that one of the greatest enemies of a sober lifestyle is boredom? When you have nothing to do and are struggling to motivate yourself to find something to do, it’s an easy opportunity for boredom to take hold and tempt you back into old habits. 

Especially during early recovery, when living soberly is still so new, it’s important to keep yourself busy in a healthy way to avoid temptation and maintain recovery. Luckily, the summer months provide ample opportunities. 

Sober summer activities 

Whether you like to spend your time outside, or prefer to keep busy indoors, there are plenty of ways you can be productive, active and entertained all the while maintaining recovery during the summer. 

Play mini golf 

Almost every city has a mini golf course located either indoors or outside. And while it might sound like a challenge, there is a surprisingly little amount of skill required to play, making it a fantastic afternoon or evening activity for everyone. Whether you go with your family or a group of friends, you’ll hopefully find the time relaxing, enjoyable and distracting in the best way.

Go bowling 

Bowling is a perfect summer option for days that are too hot or too rainy to be outdoors. You can bring a friend or two, or a whole crew, and spend the afternoon playing multiple games. Most bowling alleys have discount days, so you won’t have to worry about cost getting in the way of fun. Bowling is a great, healthy way to get out of the house, engage in friendly competition and practice a new or long-lost skill. 

Try a new summer recipe 

Summer food is chock-full of delicious flavors, colors and textures so there’s no limit to what you can whip up. If you have a couple of hours of free time, consider trying your hand at a new summer salad, a brunch dish or a dinner you can prepare extra of for lots of leftovers to take to work during the week. With an internet full of ideas and a grocery store full of ingredients, you’re well on your way to becoming a master chef this summer. 

Manicure your lawn

While everyone is used to routinely mowing their lawns, consider taking your lawn care a step further this summer. Research plants and flowers which attract pollinators and turn your lawn into an eco-friendly hub. Plant your own herb and/or vegetable garden. Build and install a firepit for cookouts and campfires. Hang up a hammock or invest in lawn furniture. If you like being outdoors, turning your backyard into a cozy oasis is a great use of your time. 

Find a nearby lake 

If you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean, then by all means take advantage of the sea, but if you live somewhere a little more landlocked, take the time to research some of the nearby bodies of water. Whether it’s a lake or a river, or even a creek, there are plenty of activities to do by the water. 

Consider renting a kayak or canoe; bringing a beach towel, a book and a picnic lunch; taking your dog and a frisbee; or hauling out your old fishing pole from the back of the garage. It’s easier than you think to spend an entire day enjoying the serenity of the water in whichever way you choose.

Throw a luau 

If you throw a party, you get to decide what’s part of the event, including whether you’ll be serving alcohol or not. In other words, you have complete authority in making it a dry get-together, especially if it’s still too early in your recovery to be around alcohol. 

Therefore, planning a party, like a summer luau, yourself gives you the chance to have all your people over without the temptations often experienced at a party. We like the suggestion of a luau with tiki torches, drink umbrellas and leis, but you can choose whatever theme you want. Planning, preparing and hosting the party will not only keep you busy, it’ll give you something to look forward to this summer.  

Visit the library 

Maybe you just love good literature; perhaps you have a pool in your yard and want something productive to do while you float and tan; or maybe you haven’t finished a book since middle school and really want to get back into the habit of reading. Sounds like it’s time to pay a visit to your local library. 

Some libraries offer summer reading programs for adults, providing a great way to keep you accountable and reading throughout the summer. But if your library does not, there’s nothing stopping you from checking out a few titles even so. Even if you set aside fifteen to thirty minutes a day to read, you’ll find yourself working through a number of novels all summer long.

Support throughout your sober summer 

While there is no limit to the ways you can support your sobriety this summer, don’t forget that the staff at Real Recovery is here for additional help if you need it. Whether you just need regular accountability, or more intense support following a relapse, we’re here to help. 

Call Real Recovery at 855-363-7325 or visit our website anytime to learn more.