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A Healthy Structure is Key to the Recovery Process

  • Structured substance use outpatient treatment
  • Outdoor Recovery
  • Individual, vocational and educational support
  • Structured daily activities
  • Group meetings and Sunday dinners
  • A brotherhood of love and support

Real Recovery is an adventure-based sober living and extended care program located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. The program ensures that sobriety is never boring by engaging in positive and fun activities together. At Real Recovery, we believe that every young man seeking recovery should have the opportunity to achieve his full potential mentally, physically and spiritually.


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Nestled in the Heart of the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

Real Recovery’s facilities are located on a 7-acre plot, nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains and the French Broad River. While at Real Recovery, clients experience outdoor adventures that include snowboarding, longboarding, fly fishing, whitewater rafting and more on a regular basis.

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Sober Living Facilities

  • 4 sober living houses
  • Nestled in the wilderness
  • Overlooking the French Broad River
  • Beautifully furnished, spacious accommodations

The mountains and nature surrounding Asheville, North Carolina represent the recovery grounds for Real Recovery, where residents experience the healing powers of the great outdoors. Our location is a great destination, offering plenty of nearby entertainment, restaurants and urban activities. We want to make every man feel welcomed and at home.

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