Addiction is a chronic health condition that affects millions of people all over the world. Witnessing a son suffer with this disease and worrying about his well-being can be incredibly stressful for families.

Parents often don’t know how to help or where to find information to combat this condition. Support groups for parents, however, can provide the assistance and camaraderie that families need to get through this difficult time.1 If you have a son who is addicted to alcohol or drugs, support groups for parents of sons with addiction are where you can go for help for as long as you need to.

Education About Addiction

One of the important aspects of attending addiction support groups for parents is the education these groups provide. Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease, but many people do not understand how compulsion drives this disease, the factors that lead to addiction or how the disease may progress, for example.

Support groups for parents often plan their sessions around an important topic of discussion that helps people gain insight into various aspects of the disease. One session may focus on effective alternative treatments for alcoholism, while another might focus on genetic markers for the disease. Knowledge helps empower parents so they can, in turn, help their sons.

Sharing with Others

Another positive aspect of addiction support groups for parents is that they provide a forum where people can discuss and share their experiences and insights. This sharing of information can be helpful in many ways, but it enables parents to unload some of their stress and talk about the issues that are on their minds.

Some parents may not feel comfortable speaking initially, and others might simply gain insight about addiction by listening, but many parents who share find it empowering to help others who are coping with similar issues. Sharing also demonstrates to parents that they are not alone and that others are there to offer support as members of the group endure the effects of addiction on their families.

Guidance from Support Groups for Parents

Many parents don’t know how to effectively support their son’s recovery. They may hear terms like co-dependency or enabler and wonder if their own behaviors are suspect. Addiction support groups help parents by coaching them how to best help their son through the treatment and recovery journey.2

There are healthy forms of support, and there are forms of support that could be enabling. It’s important for parents to provide their sons with the type of support that’s best for them. By learning to assess their own feelings and behaviors in reference to their sons’ addictions, parents can begin to manage their own support in effective ways.

Support groups for parents are an important part of the recovery process for families. If you are trying to deal with your son’s addiction on your own, take some time to locate addiction support groups for parents near you. Attending group meetings can provide you with the emotional support, resources and knowledge that can help you make a difference in your son’s recovery journey.