Well the most dreaded and most exciting day of the year has come and gone! The annual Polar Plunge. I don’t really remember exactly how this all started but somewhere along the line over the past years we decided that is was a good idea on the warmest day of either January or February, to take all of the guys and jump in the icy 34 degree waters of Triple Falls in the Dupont State Forest. Trying to explain the experience is nearly impossible. Having done it every year since we opened, I can tell you that it is horrible, and amazing. It is a day that you can feel coming for weeks and you can’t help but think about how painfully cold it will be.

This year promised exceptionally cold water, due to single digit temperatures the week prior. There was still ice and snow along the banks of our dipping spot! If it were just about brutality, we would have discontinued this experience after the very first trip. The beauty of the pain is the absolutely hilarious faces that are made when the boys come up for air after dipping in water this cold.

I am a seasoned vet so I have learned that the best thing to do is get in and out as quickly as possible so that you can sit back and enjoy everyone else waiting, thinking, and worrying about their turn coming. This is truly one of the most laughter filled days that we have all year long. It is a bonding experience that is like no other. We are already preparing mentally for next year’s plunge. God help us!!! These are some of the wonderful faces listed for your enjoyment!