Sober living homes provide great value for men in recovery who have the ultimate goal of achieving sobriety. Their benefits span from providing tools for navigating recovery, to empowering independence and self-care.


The structure is incredibly important in recovery. A sober living home will help you establish a healthy daily routine, both within the context of recovery and in gaining independence after treatment.

A typical day in life at a sober living home for men might include:

  • Morning and evening meditations
  • 12-step meetings
  • Communal meals three times per day
  • Recreational activities, including hiking, rock climbing, running, mountain biking, fly fishing, crossfit, ziplining and more
  • Life coaching and skills training, including resume writing, financial planning, regaining independence, job searching and taking care of the home
  • Activities around the house with other residents
  • Free time
  • Transportation to and from work and group recreational activities
  • Intensive outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization programs

The structure of regular mandatory programming like 12-step meetings will be beneficial in your pursuit of sobriety, and offerings like recreational activities and job support help set the stage for ingratiating back into daily life. 


Many sober living homes have rules in place to facilitate their residents getting the most out of the program. This helps keep you accountable on your journey to recovery and sobriety; the rules implemented in sober living homes can be carried with you after you complete the program. 

Common rules at sober living homes include:

  • Stay sober – do not use drugs or alcohol
  • Undergo random drug and alcohol testing
  • Participate in all sober living programs, including meditation, therapy, group therapy and support sessions and 12-step meetings
  • Keep your space clean and tidy
  • Refrain from having visitors in the first 30 days or so of residence


Everyone’s addiction and recovery journey are different, but in a sober living home for men, you will find yourself in a community of men who are familiar with what you are going through. Your fellow residents will be there every step of the way, cheering you on for your accomplishments and helping you work through challenges. You will have the opportunity to do the same for your peers.


Sober living homes offer more than a place to stay for men seeking sobriety. Therapists and psychiatrists are at sober living homes daily for individual and group therapy sessions and medication management. Sober living homes can also facilitate external treatment including medication-assisted treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization treatment.

Mutual understanding

In societies that place value on traditional ideas of masculinity, it can be difficult for men to admit when they need help. In some cases, this prevents men from seeking addiction treatment altogether. Sober living for men allows being understood by others in similar situations, even without saying anything. Men in sober living homes have all asked for help at some point, and they likely understand how challenging that decision was to make.


From therapists to nutritionists to roommates and other residents, you will have a strong support network in your men’s sober living home. Sober living homes typically feature in-house general physicians, psychiatrists, addiction specialists, site coordinators and around-the-clock support staff. You can also go to your fellow residents when you’re having a hard time for judgment-free support.

Meaningful relationships

A men’s sober living home can foster a safe, supportive and welcoming environment that is conducive to healing and recovery. During 12-step meetings and group therapy sessions, you will have plenty of opportunities to share any challenges you have faced during your struggle with addiction and sobriety, while also having the chance to truly listen to and support your fellow residents. In addition to helping each other heal, you will hone your confidence, empathy, personal growth and communication, and interpersonal skills in a men’s sober living home.


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