A common contributor to mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem is feeling stuck.

Feeling Stuck in Life

Individuals may feel trapped by their current job or relationship. This feelings can contribute to or even cause mental health issues. Things like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem arise because the individual is unhappy in their current situation and does not feel empowered to change it. Therapy can be a very useful tool for addressing those feelings of inadequacy.

Working with a therapist can help you identify changes you can make to the situation that is making you unhappy, and give you the tools you need to feel empowered to follow through with implementing these changes. Your therapist may be able to help you problem-solve your current situation and identify potential changes you have not already thought of. You can work together to identify, address, and overcome barriers to change in order to become unstuck.

In situations that truly cannot be changed, a therapist can help you identify how to improve other areas of your life to compensate for the area that is causing you to feel stuck until you can make bigger changes.  

When you focus on the areas of your life that you can change as opposed to the areas that can’t, you feel empowered. You experience a boost in self-esteem because you recognize that you are capable of helping yourself.

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify areas of your life that can be more positive. Again, this is where working with a therapist can be helpful. Since a therapist is a neutral third-party, they can point out changes that you might not see in your current perspective.

If you are feeling stuck and cannot find a way out of your current situation, begin working with a therapist to empower yourself to make changes.

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