A sober living home is designed to help facilitate a sober lifestyle for individuals who have completed addiction treatment. It provides an environment in which to stay sober while participating in enriching activities, forging lasting bonds and establishing healthy routines. 

Sober living for women, in particular, offers distinct benefits because it is able to focus on the unique needs of women in recovery and promote healing for women individually and as a group.


Structure is integral in the recovery journey. If you have just completed an intensive addiction treatment program, you are likely feeling disconnected from a daily routine and may not be sure where to go from here. A woman’s sober living home, while still somewhat removed from typical daily life, will help you establish a healthy and comfortable routine that you can continue after you leave the home.

A day in the life at a sober living home for women might look like this:


  • Wake up between 8:30 and 9:00 AM.
  • Participate in group meditation, wherein each member reflects and shares how they would like to contribute to their recovery that day.
  • Eat breakfast with fellow residents.
  • Help keep your bedroom and communal spaces neat and tidy.


  • Meet with your dietician, personal trainer or career coach.
  • Eat lunch with fellow residents.
  • Participate in a recreational activity like hiking, yoga or fly fishing.
  • Enjoy some free time – read a book, watch tv or spend time with other residents.


  • Attend a 12-step meeting.
  • Eat dinner with fellow residents.
  • Participate in group meditation to reflect on that day’s challenges and accomplishments.
  • Wind down with a relaxing activity – pick up your book again, have a movie night or play some board games.

As part of their structured program, sober living homes often have rules that residents must abide by. Rules often include – undergoing drug testing throughout the week, adhering to a curfew, participating in all sober living programs and refraining from having visitors for the first 30 days of residence. 


Group accountability is a major tenet of the sober living philosophy. In each support group session, 12-step meeting and daily meditation, you will tangibly feel the emotional support of your housemates. Each person at the sober living home, from residents to therapists to yoga instructors, will help you work through challenges and celebrate every little victory.

No judgment

If there is any place in the world where you could openly share your story without fear of judgment or shame, it would be in a sober living home for women. Each woman in the sober living home will understand where you came from and where you want to go. Instead of judging you for your past, they will welcome you with open arms, make you feel safe and support you through your recovery.


Many sober living programs for women offer outdoor recovery activities to complement in-home treatment. Recreational activities will teach you how to have fun without drugs or alcohol while providing you with the opportunity to go on thrilling new adventures that you may not have otherwise tried.

Team sports can also provide valuable lessons that are applicable to recovery. Learning how to celebrate wins, cope with losses and problem-solve with a team, are all important skills that will serve you well beyond your tenure in a sober living home.

Recreational activities often include:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Basketball
  • Fly fishing
  • Ziplining
  • Yoga
  • Soccer
  • Art therapy
  • Running
  • Crafting
  • Crossfit
  • Pottery
  • Rock climbing

Career coaching

Returning to work will be a big change once you leave your sober living home, but it will be an important step in your recovery. Sober living homes often offer career specialists who can help you refine your resume, define short or long-term goals and find a career path that interests you. You can even seek employment while in a sober living home if you would like; many homes offer transportation to and from work for residents.

Lifelong bonds and friendship

Female sober living is a unique experience and one that only a select population can appreciate. You and your sober living housemates will certainly go through the trials of recovery together, but you will also be there to cheer each other on as you achieve one, two, 10 days sober. You will confide in each other about things that your non-sober friends and family couldn’t truly understand. The relationships you form in a women’s sober living home will persist far beyond your residence together.

Real Recovery offers female sober living for women who are looking for support and understanding throughout their recovery journey. Reach out today at 855-363-7325 if you or a woman in your life is interested in sober living.