What are the Signs of Alcoholism, and Why is it Such a Problem?

Alcoholism is a disease which is often addressed by many different means of therapy. Much research has indicated that alcoholics are individuals whom have had their lives ruined by the simple desire for a drink. Alcoholics often end up homeless because they are unable to hold down jobs as a result of their behaviors.

The Alcoholic Journey

An alcoholic begins his journey with experimentation. Perhaps the person has had a long day and needs to relieve some of the stress with a few drinks. New drinkers are looking to “test their limits” and discover new tastes for different types of alcohol. Sometimes, alcoholics get a taste for binge drinking where they decide to consume four or more drinks within 2 hours. During this time frame, they begin to gain an appreciation for the thrill that alcohol provides.

The Dark Road of Binge Drinking

After getting the first few thrills out of binge drinking, they begin to start their binge drinking habits with more intensity. Eventually, they are able to build up tolerance to alcohol so that they essentially need more of it just to get the same thrill out of drinking that they were able to achieve with just a few drinks. Binge drinking becomes more of a habit rather than something which is fun to do at parties or other events. This is the point at which alcoholics start to drink more often, and find that drinking gives the alcoholic something to do.

Getting Sick from Drinking

Drinkers then moves on to a stage where they are able to notice the physical effects of drinking so much. At this point, drinkers are starting to get sick from drinking too much on a regular basis. They first begin to get in trouble with the law, and the physical effects of drinking so much keeps them up at night. Drinkers at this point are also unable to talk to strangers and begin to lose friendships, which they have had for a long time.

The Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is not without it’s warning signs. Alcoholics often feel guilty about their drinking habits and simply need a drink to feel better. They find that they are also performing poorly in school or in other responsibilities just so that they can get a few drinks in. They may also suddenly become depressed because they realize that their alcoholism is outside of their control. Aside from these warning signs, an alcoholic may feel that they are facing an intense struggle between their ultimate desires and the desire for alcohol. Alcoholics may also hide alcohol, or constantly miss important events so that they are able to get the drink that they need.

Developing a Tolerance

Eventually, an alcoholic becomes physically dependent on alcohol for their survival. This tolerance to drinking means that the alcoholic has to get buzzed, and drunk on a regular basis. Alcoholics at this point also have to keep drinking just so they are able to keep up with their physical needs. Nausea and other symptoms occur after the person becomes physically dependent on alcohol. After the person becomes physically dependent on alcohol, they are essentially needing the substance for their survival.

Getting Help Through a Residential Treatment Program

One of the most effective ways for alcoholics to get help is through a residential treatment program. Real Recovery is a recovery residence which enables those whom are addicted to alcohol to gain the freedom, and independence they need. The facility includes recovery, support, and sober living. The founders of the program were alcoholics at one point and designed this recovery program to meet the needs of recovering alcoholics. Those whom are interested in living free of the drug should call 855-363-7325 right away. Family, friends, and others can call right away for FREE to learn more about the services which are provided by Real Recovery. Overcoming addiction is a process which requires changing attitudes. But, a recovery can do plenty to change the life of a person whom is addicted and dependent on alcohol for their survival. The program also requires participants to be employed or be enrolled in school to help participants get their lives back on track. Recovery at Real Recovery includes plenty of fun outdoor activities and opportunities for renewal and growth and is the perfect opportunity for alcoholics to restore their health.