What’s it like in Asheville?

We get that a lot here at Real Recovery, and we’re always excited to respond. Choosing a sober living home is no small task. There’s the obvious—you want to be sure a facility is clean, comfortable and reputable—but you also want to live in a place that offers plenty of things to do.

Why? Because redefining fun and staying occupied with enjoyable activities go a long way toward preventing relapse.1

The great thing about Asheville is that you’d be hard pressed to be bored here. No matter what you like, chances are, you’ll find others in Asheville who are into it too. So, what is it like in Asheville?

Asheville: The Basics

Asheville’s population is around 87,000. The 11th largest city in North Carolina, Asheville shows up on some interesting rankings. It’s one of the:

  • Best Places to Reinvent Your Life – AARP
  • 10 Most Beautiful Places in America – Good Morning America
  • 20 Cities You Should Visit in Your 20s – Huffington Post

Obviously, Asheville has some great things going for it. But what is it like in Asheville if you’re in recovery? A college town, Asheville has a fair share of drinking establishments. But bar hopping is far from the only thing there is to do for fun around here.

What Is It Like in Asheville for Sports Enthusiasts?

Asheville is home to the Tourists, the city’s Minor League Baseball team, and the University of North Carolina at Asheville’s Bulldogs compete in the Big South Conference in baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, tennis and track and field.

In addition to spectator sports, Asheville has plenty of opportunities to play. The Asheville City Soccer Club, the Asheville Track Club, the Asheville Rugby Football Club and the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club are just a few of the athletic opportunities that await you in Asheville.

What Is It Like in Asheville for Creatives?

Whether you’re into art and design, music, theatre or other creative pursuits, Asheville has plenty for you to do, too. A thriving arts scene includes galleries, concert venues, theaters and community arts-based activities. The River Arts District is a lively area overrun with creatives. Coffee shops, art galleries and artists’ studios abound, and festivals of all kinds are frequent occurrences here.

What Is It Like in Asheville for Nature Lovers?

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a destination for hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, hunting and fishing. Right outside the city’s front door are thousands of miles of trails meandering past lakes and streams, waterfalls and outcroppings and peaks and valleys. Asheville is a great place to reclaim your relationship with nature, and it’s never hard to find a hiking or biking buddy.

What Is It Like in Asheville for People in Recovery?

Community and purpose are two of the dimensions that support a life in recovery.2 Developing healthy relationships and a strong social support system can make a huge difference in long-term success, and having fun and finding meaning in your life makes it easier to stay sober day by day.

Asheville’s thriving communities and diverse, active population keep things lively. The city offers lots of opportunities to meet new people and try new things. As far as recovery goes, Asheville recently opened the peer-run Sunrise Community Center for Recovery & Wellness, a testament to a strong and passionate community of people in recovery.


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