Why Being Sober is More Fun and Meaningful

Some of the services that Real Recovery provides are seemingly generic for sober living facilities of our caliber. However, it is our philosophy on recovery that applies specifically to young men that sets us apart as the premier program in the nation for young men in recovery. Our idea seems to be unfortunately revolutionary in the treatment community even though it’s a simple and common sense concept. “If you can show young men that staying sober can be much more fun, meaningful, and fulfilling than using drugs and show them this immediately in the early stages of sobriety, then it makes embracing a recovering lifestyle the natural choice.” The idea that we are trying to make bad kids good is ignorant, misconceived, and outdated. Instead, what we do is help sick kids get well.

How Our Program Works

So, how do we get sick kids well? We achieve this in two ways:

First, we start with fun, fun, and more fun. These young men have suffered greatly in their addictions and the consequences of those addictions often for years. Just like with anything in life, making positive choices brings positive rewards. We have a professional snowboarder and snowboard instructor as both alumni and staff. A fly fishing guide, several accomplished musicians, artists and athletes are all accounted as alumni and actively take roles in showing our new residents how rewarding and fun a life in recovery can be. Co-Owner Dana Rider is a certified Wilderness First Responder(WFR), as well as a former Wilderness Therapy Guide for a well known local treatment center. Dana has extensive knowledge of the trails and rivers of western north carolina. We engage in weekly trips camping, hiking, whitewater rafting/kayaking, fishing, hunting, snowboarding, longboarding, freeboarding, rock climbing, wakeboarding, going to concerts together and even storm chasing. In the winter we even have a snowboard vert park on our property.

There is an important distinction between programs that offer one scheduled activity a month and what we do. We engage in these activities on a daily basis and invite you to Asheville to join us and see for yourself!

Secondly, our house and recovery facilities speak for themselves. For a young man to be able to bring a girl, family member, or friend from school back to our house to hang out or study and not have to be ashamed is critical in allowing our residents to have pride in the positive choices they are making. To have a beautiful and clean home in a nice neighborhood, to not have chore lists or other institutional paperwork tacked to the walls, and to have other residents who they are proud to call their friends gives our residents a “Sober Brotherhood” living environment they can be proud to show anyone. All of this makes the acceptance of a life in recovery that much easier.

What it Means to Be a Sober Brotherhood

The two cornerstones of our program listed above are what put our program in a category all it’s own. Real Recovery is often referred to by those who know us as a “Sober Brotherhood” because of the relationship and camaraderie that we have. This unique environment, along with the structure and accountability we have tailored into our program make what we are proud to call Real Recovery: the best Sober-Living and Aftercare Program in the nation.