At Real Recovery, we believe in building a life in recovery that’s worth living—one that’s fun, meaningful and exciting.

When a young man walks through our doors to participate in our program, he walks through them alone. In the Real Recovery houses, we encourage the guys to come together by participating in our outdoor community recovery activities. Our whitewater rafting trip in August 2016 provides a great example of a typical outdoor community recovery activity that we might participate in.

Why Community Recovery?

Whitewater rafting is a great example of what the journey of recovery looks like. Before you get in a raft to go down the rapids, you receive basic advice and tools to help you be successful. After receiving this preparation, you jump into the raft with other young men to take on the rapids. The water can range from a calm river to a rapid so intense that you may start to feel challenged, physically and mentally.

This is a lot like the path of recovery; you start out receiving basic instructions and learning about the tools you need to be successful. However, the only way to truly be successful is to start heading down the path. And much like whitewater rafting, recovery can’t be done alone—you need community and support.

The path of recovery comes with many different circumstances that can be joyful in one moment and challenging the next. At Real Recovery, we provide structured sober living to young men so that they can go down this path of recovery with the resources, community and direction that will help them be successful.

— Lucas Denson, Administrative and Marketing Assistant