Sober living is a level of care that is designed to support individuals who are transitioning from intensive addiction treatment back into daily life. It also refers to living a sustainably sober life – long after the treatment program has been completed.

What is sober living?

Sober living, by definition, is a structured treatment program that focuses on how to live a sober life. It provides an environment in which to stay sober while participating in enriching activities, forging lasting bonds and establishing healthy routines.

Sober living is not only a treatment modality – it is also a lifestyle. The goal of addiction treatment is to enable sustainable, long-lasting sobriety. Sober living means to live in total abstinence from substances – while this is an immense challenge, it is the key to a happier, healthier and longer life.

What are the key sober living benefits?

Sober living is critical for recovery in two ways: it provides a safe space for individuals to learn how to live a sober life in the early days of their recovery, and it also provides them with tools they can carry with them long after they have left their sober living home. Sober living as a treatment operates as a method for facilitating sober living as a lifestyle.

So, how exactly does sober living benefit those in recovery?

  • It takes temptations, triggers and harmful situations out of the equation. Individuals who are just beginning their recovery journey are in a very vulnerable position, and it is at this juncture where it can be the most difficult to stay on track. Being in a sober living home, one is essentially sheltered from the things that are likely to lead to relapse.
  • It works well with other, more traditional forms of addiction treatment. Therapists and psychiatrists are at sober living homes daily for individual and group therapy sessions and medication management. Sober living homes can also facilitate external treatment including medication-assisted treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization treatment.
  • It offers holistic support. Addiction treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and each individual going through the program will have distinct individual needs. Sober living programs make accessible dietitians, yoga instructors, career coaches, counselors and other professionals who can help residents tend to their recovery by caring for their minds, bodies, and spirits.
  • It provides a strong sense of community. Everyone’s addiction and recovery journey is different, but in a sober living home, individuals will find themselves in a community of people who can appreciate what they are going through. Residents will be there for one another every step of the way, cheering each other on for accomplishments and helping each other work through challenges. After the sober living treatment program has been completed, the individual can return to their daily life while still having the option of connecting with others in recovery. They can continue their journey by attending 12-step meetings or group therapy sessions with others in recovery. Sober living programs and subsequently living a sober lifestyle enables bonds to be formed among individuals who share this experience.
  • It is a healthier way to live. Many substances either depress the central nervous system or alter the individual’s brain chemistry, which can cause physical and mental health issues. Sober living has been linked to a number of health benefits, including improved mental clarity, increased energy and improved health overall. 
  • It is fulfilling. Sober living programs often integrate recreational activities, exercise, career coaching and relationship-building activities, which helps foster confidence in oneself and in one’s recovery. Sober living as a lifestyle has similar benefits. It can introduce individuals to people, activities and hobbies that they may have never tried before if they hadn’t sought sobriety. Sober living programs are demonstrable proof that it is possible to live a healthy, sober life – an accomplishment that may have seemed impossible before treatment.

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