Asheville is a hub of excitement in Western North Carolina with its many cultural and natural attractions. One of the positive aspects of integrating into a community like Asheville after completing a sober living program is that it offers something for every taste.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, enjoy meeting lots of people or are interested in culture and learning, Asheville has dynamic offerings in store for its residents. As you look forward to your new life of sobriety, consider all the ways that Asheville can enhance your continued recovery journey.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Asheville is located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. This scenic mountain range is home to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. Residents of Asheville enjoy hiking and camping in these mountains. Others love to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway to photograph the foliage.

Many therapists advise people recovering from addiction to exercise and get outdoors. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that can have a pleasurable impact on the brain. Reducing stress and negative emotions is vital to a successful recovery journey. High stress and negative emotions like anger, sadness and fear are triggers for relapse. By getting into the mountains to hike or simply stroll, you can enhance your fitness levels and naturally elevate your mood.

Thriving Downtown

Downtown Asheville brims with things to do throughout the year. Home to a wealth of restaurants, coffee houses, gyms and shops, Asheville also features pleasant city parks and public spaces that host concerts, festivals and farmers markets. Moving to Asheville after a stay at a sober living community affords individuals opportunities to socialize in temptation-free settings like museums, libraries and cafes.

Part of the recovery journey often involves finding new social scenes and new acquaintances. Downtown Asheville features venues that host theatre groups, book clubs, and adult sports clubs that provide newcomers with opportunities to meet new people and experience new things.

Access to Continuing Care and Support

Some individuals find that, after completing an addiction treatment or sober living program, continued professional support or aftercare enhances their commitment to sober living. For people living in Asheville, sober living can continue with outpatient treatment sessions or attend AA or NA groups that meet in various places throughout the city. As a large regional city, Asheville can offer this ongoing support for as long as individuals feel they need it.

With its blend of natural scenery and urban attractions, Asheville offers a positive environment for people who are recovering from addiction. With its thriving arts, music and recreational scene, this city offers its residents loads of attractions that nurture healthy living. If you’re planning to leave sober living soon, be sure to visit Asheville and its surrounding areas to get to know all it can offer you.