Sobriety is not a linear journey, in fact, it is one marked by peaks and valleys, accomplishments and setbacks, celebrations and disappointments. Deciding when and how to get sober is a daunting reality that must be faced. Knowing how to stay sober does not come easy or naturally. Learning how to be sober will make you unlearn previous ways of life. No matter how long your journey to sobriety takes or how many ups and downs it has, you are inherently worthy of the peace sobriety brings.

You deserve to be happy

Substance use can bring temporary waves of euphoria and relaxation, but it can also bring about periods of depression, anxiety and hopelessness. Sobriety, while it won’t cure any underlying mental disorders or the occasionally gloomy day, will make you infinitely happier than you ever could be while facing substance addiction.

You deserve to be healthy

Substance addiction can lead to unhealthy physical and mental side effects, like tremors, seizures, loss of appetite, weight loss, weight gain, heart attacks, headaches, lung disease, sedation, high or low blood pressure, strokes, anxiety, heart palpitations, cardiovascular disease and mood changes, in addition to dangerous and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. While substance abuse can lead to long-term health complications, you will notice how much better you feel daily when you become sober.

You deserve to be free

Sobriety will free you of the shackles of substance abuse. Gone will be the days of planning your schedule around when you can use again, spending large amounts of money on substances, or feeling like you have to lie to your friends and family to hide your addiction. You will live your life on your own terms.

You deserve to have fulfilling relationships

You may have lost friends or become distanced from your family when your struggle with substance addiction came to light. You may even have unhealthy relationships with other individuals facing substance addiction – relationships that are predicated and persist upon your continued substance abuse. Sobriety will give you the chance to make amends with your loved ones if necessary while leaning on each other through this next phase in your lives. You will also be able to clearly see which relationships will support you through your sobriety and which relationships will bog you down.

You do not deserve to be in pain

Substance addiction itself is painful. Depending on the substance being used, substance abuse can produce uncomfortable physical side effects like vomiting, nausea, bruising, headaches, dizziness and sedation. Withdrawing from substances can also lead to painful symptoms that can last for a few days at a time. Living a sober life you will no longer be subjected to the painful cycle of using substances, withdrawing from them, using again and withdrawing again.

You do not deserve to be defined by your past

Addiction can keep you rooted in a state of constant dependency, unable to move on with your life and anchoring you to the past that brought it about. As long as it maintains its grip on you, it limits any thoughts or dreams you might have for the future. Getting rid of addictions can allow you to shrug off those burdens holding you to the past, and opens up new opportunities and avenues for your future. Sobriety also provides the opportunity to atone for any past mistakes and turn over a new leaf, so to speak.

You do not deserve to live a shortened life

You deserve to live a full, healthy life. Long-term substance abuse can cause irreparable damage to your body and potentially lead to chronic health conditions. A step towards sobriety is a step towards healing your mind, body and spirit.

You do not deserve to live in guilt, shame, or fear

In addition to the physical and psychological toll, substance addiction can have a detrimental impact on emotional health. Individuals facing substance addiction often wrestle with hiding their lives from the world because of the negative and misunderstood stigmas associated with substance use disorder. You might feel guilt over continuing to use substances even if you know you should stop, shame overlying to your friends and family or not seeking treatment, and fear for how you will fare if you continue to use or through withdrawal and detox symptoms. You do not deserve to have to carry this uncertainty and emotional weight on your shoulders. You deserve to live openly and honestly with yourself and with your loved ones, even if the truth isn’t always pretty or easy to confront.

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