Continuing Care After Treatment

Effective aftercare planning is essential for individuals in treatment for substance use disorder to continue to maintain sobriety and wellness.

Just as picking up the phone to make that first call for help can be intimidating for someone with a substance use diagnosis, the transition from a structured substance abuse treatment program to a new post-treatment routine may seem daunting.

The Importance of Aftercare Services

Real Recovery’s aftercare services allow individuals to ease back into the stressors of life with support. Without a robust aftercare plan, clients could leave treatment without the necessary resources and skills for sustained recovery.

Aftercare Planning Services for Clients with Substance Use Disorder at Real Recovery

Aftercare plans vary depending on an individual’s needs. Clients learn relapse prevention strategies and healthy coping skills in treatment, but they often also need help figuring out the logistics of their new, healthier lifestyle. Individuals may need assistance from their clinical team with the following:

  • Housing
  • Intensive outpatient (IOP) or other outpatient group services
  • Medical appointments
  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Therapy
  • Financial resources
  • FMLA and/or short term disability

Our case managers and clinicians collaborate with each client and their family to create a comprehensive aftercare plan during their first week in our care. This plan often evolves and changes over the course of their treatment, and clients have full autonomy in choosing which resources they wish to access.