A Framework for Family Healing

Family members often experience difficulty in helping their loved ones adequately cope with the challenges that life sends their way. Family therapy helps provide a roadmap, helping family members promote health-focused behaviors, assisting their loved ones in processing emotions, damaging thought patterns and barriers to progress and recovery.

Increased Family Involvement

Family therapy empowers family members to take steps in becoming active advocates for their loved ones. Our program helps to enable family members to support health-focused behaviors, help loved ones process emotions and lead relational injury repair.

Decreasing Avoidance and Supporting Health-Focused Behaviors

Real Recovery helps family members foster an environment where their loved ones learn to embrace challenges and pursue positive change. In a protected, non-judgmental setting, participants can make concrete strides toward healthy, happy lives, in replacing destructive behaviors and negative thought patterns – especially those impacted by mental health issues and substance use habits – with productive activities. When family members support – and exemplify – health-focused behaviors, they help to remove one more barrier between their struggling family member and a fulfilling lifestyle.

A True Lifespan Approach

Family therapy is best offered as a full-lifestyle approach to health and well-being. Participation sometimes means adopting an individual approach to family engagement; sometimes, attending family therapy together only makes more sense. And when it’s best to bring the entire family to your next session, Real Recovery is ready to offer respectful, compassionate care.