At Real Recovery, veterans attend group therapy with both fellow veterans and adult men who have not served in the military. This mixed treatment population setting allows veterans to develop skills for relating with civilians and generally navigating life after the military.

Although ours is not solely a veteran program, our experienced staff understand military trauma and the unique challenges veterans face, and are highly qualified to treat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use disorders and other mental health conditions. Veteran PTSD symptoms are often the same as those experienced by clients with non-military trauma, so clients from different backgrounds can still relate to one another.

Real Recovery is part of the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network (VA-CCN)

The VA-CCN is a network of facilities that accepts veteran benefits. These pre-approved treatment centers give veterans timely and convenient access to behavioral healthcare. Each facility in the Community Care Network (CCN) uses industry-standard practices to promptly pay for services and administer treatment.

In order to secure funding for your treatment through the VA-CCN, you will need an authorization from the VA as well as a doctor’s referral. Most people secure these by making an appointment with a primary care doctor through their local VA office. To access the CCN, talk to your doctor about attending Real Recovery for outpatient care.

If you’re a veteran who is not signed up for VA benefits or who needs assistance in accessing the CCN referral process, please contact our admissions team. We know how overwhelming or frustrating it can be to navigate the VA and CCN when you’re ready to take steps toward recovery.

We can help with any part of the process if you’re unsure how to access your benefits or if you have questions. The admissions team at Real Recovery has specialists with expertise in navigating the VA-CCN system, and we are experienced in working with veterans and the VA. At Real Recovery, we make it a priority to get our veterans the treatment they need and deserve.

Unfortunately, not all veterans are eligible for coverage via the VA-CCN. Real Recovery accepts commercial insurance and self-pay.

Why us?

Find treatment that really works, and a life in recovery that actually lasts.

Recovery is possible.

Every aspect of our recovery programming is framed around the individual client. It looks like evidence-based treatment, and feels like a care plan fit to your individual preference and pace. That’s why we offer PHP and IOP services tailored specifically for adult males. Our team of passionate clinicians keeps a single goal at top of mind: we want to see you thrive.

  • Find healing and renewal in family therapy and equine-assisted therapy

  • Take actionable steps toward a brighter future through WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) planning
  • Learn to read relationship and intimacy dynamics through acceptance & commitment therapy


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