Managing Your Emotional and Behavioral Needs

Perhaps you’ve noticed gradual – or sudden – changes in your behavior, mood or personality. Maybe you find yourself or your loved one dealing with the short or long-term effects of a particular life experience, or series of experiences. No matter the scope of your emotional or behavioral demands, a psychiatric evaluation from Real Recovery can help you manage your needs, whatever they might be.

Gathering Critical Information

Psychiatric evaluations are invaluable in gathering critical information. Often, clients begin their journey toward freedom from substance abuse with more questions than answers. The first step in answering these questions, in helping you work through any challenges you might be facing, is obtaining basic information regarding your situation.

Here’s the good news: you can complete your psychiatric evaluation without ever needing to leave home. An online psychiatrist will walk you through a series of simple questions, where together you’ll grow familiar with any issues that need to be addressed.

Questions might focus on any of the following:

  • Emotional or behavioral issues
  • Substance abuse tendencies
  • Histories of past physical abuse

Psychiatrists are also accustomed to answering any of your questions, and will encourage you to discuss any other items or issues that are brought to mind during this time. Our psychiatrists work to create a safe space for evaluation, and help initiate the transfer into recovery.

Reaching and Maintaining Personal Freedom

Once our psychiatric evaluation has helped you identify these opportunities in your own life, follow-up sessions with our licensed doctors help you reach and sustain, the personal freedom you know you deserve. At all levels of care, our in-house care specialists make sure that you have the care you need when you need it, administered using a method you’re comfortable with.

The psychiatric team at Real Recovery specializes in treating addiction. Our team considers it a privilege to travel the psychiatric journey with you. We’re there to celebrate the victories, help address the setbacks and pair specific psychiatric services with specific needs every step of the way.