When you are caught in the midst of a substance use disorder, it can be incredibly difficult to comprehend any lifestyle other than the one you’re currently living. With substance use in particular, you may feel that even though you’d like to be sober, so many obstacles currently stand in the way preventing you from making a change.

The good news is, sobriety is not something you need to achieve on your own — with the right treatment plan, you can experience all the benefits of sobriety and find yourself maintaining recovery for years to come.

Why should I seek sober living?

Each individual has their own motivation for seeking sobriety, but in case you need some extra motivation, we compiled a brief list of reasons people seek recovery and sobriety.

You will feel healthier — mentally & physically

In the midst of an addiction, it doesn’t take long for your life to become focused solely on substance use — from how you will acquire it to when you will next be able to use it. Family life, work and other commitments and responsibilities may fall to the wayside in pursuit of satiating one’s addictive habits. These patterns of behavior, in turn, negatively impact your mental health and physical health, as addictive substances have significant impacts on both your body and your brain.

But when you pursue recovery and seek a life of sobriety, you’ll quickly see the impact sobriety has on your health. In recovery, you’ll learn the importance of preparing and eating healthy meals, and be more capable of experiencing the positive impact of healthy eating on your body and your mind; you’ll be more motivated to regulate your sleep/wake cycle and benefit your body through getting the appropriate amount of sleep at night; and through a healthy exercise regimen, you’ll experience the impact strengthening your body has on your mental health as well.

You can find strength in the community

The recovery journey may feel like a lonely process, but you might be surprised to know that more people than you realize are committed to helping you achieve freedom and the benefits of sobriety. Additionally, you’re likely to find a new community and even friendships with the people you meet in your treatment program. From those in your sober support groups to rekindling relationships with family and friends, you’ll find more support than you might’ve expected in your recovery journey.

You will have more time 

It’s true that addiction takes up a lot of time and energy from your day. When you are focused on pursuing recovery instead, however, you will have more time available to pursue activities that are both peaceful and life-giving. You might invest your time in traveling and crossing locations off your bucket list; maybe you’ll pursue a hobby you haven’t put time into for a while; perhaps you’ll simply put effort into crafting a daily routine that benefits your mental health.

Regardless of what you decide to do with your time, odds are you’ll be grateful for the hours you have to pursue the things that bring you life.

You will have more money 

A substance use disorder can actually cost an individual a lot of money; upon seeking sobriety, you might be surprised to realize how much you were financially committing to an addiction. With the extra finances, you may find yourself more capable of affording treatment services; you are likely to have enough to pursue activities or hobbies that benefit your mental health, including joining a gym or fitness class, cooking healthy meals and traveling; and you might even be set up to create healthy savings account for your future self.

Looking for help in living sober?

Seeking sobriety is not an easy task; it requires courage and a strong supportive community around you. But even so, the benefits of sobriety far outweigh the pull of addiction.

If you are looking for help or guidance on the road toward sobriety, consider Real Recovery. With both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, you will find the right, personalized treatment program to help you meet your needs. Contact our admissions office today by calling us anytime at (828) 383-9733 to learn more.