A common feeling among those in recovery is that they never knew being sober could change their lives in so many ways.  Addicts and alcoholics believe getting sober is done in order just to appease everyone else in their lives – friends, families, coworkers, etc. Not once do they look at it as a way of bettering themselves.  Turns out they are wrong.

No matter what your thoughts are about getting and staying sober, take a moment to recognize the good things about it. Here are just a few of the reasons why people love being sober:

You Feel Healthier

You will lose weight and feel so much healthier. Not only do sober people feel healthier, but they also look better.  Alcohol has a lot of excess calories and those calories add up, many times resulting in an unattractive beer belly. Once you remove the source of those calories from your diet, you’ll naturally lose weight.

Since addicts and alcoholics are no longer putting poisons and toxins in to their bodies, they don’t get sick nearly as much. Their skin and complexion improve – no more dark circles under their eyes and fewer wrinkles on their face.

You Have More Time

The amount of time spent drinking at the bar or at home and the time put into just thinking about your next drink is exhausting. For many people, this type of thinking consumes most of their daily routines. Now that they are no longer drinking, sober people have more free time to do things that they want to do – visit family, try out a new hobby, or take a class and learn a new skill!

You Have More Money in Your Bank Account

It costs a lot of money to buy enough alcohol to get drunk every day. Without that constant drain on my bank account, you have a lot more disposable income. That extra money can be used to better your life – new clothes, a new home, and more vacations (vacations you can remember thanks to living sober).

With this extra money, you’ll find your own opportunities to change your life and start many new adventures.

Discover What’s Really Important in Life

While you may lose “friends”, also known as enablers, you’ll quickly discover those people who stay with you and help you through your recovery understand the true meaning of friendship. You may have fewer friends these days than you did when drinking or doing drugs, but these real relationships are more stable and healthier – emotionally and mentally.

You Are Thinking More Clearly

You’ll find that you can focus much more clearly and make absolutely better decisions. For some people in recovery, mental clarity drastically improves. No more forgetting and missing out on important events, like anniversaries, birthdays, or dinners. Work performance often improves as well as your ability to hold an interesting conversation without needing to feel buzzed.

When the fog of addiction and alcohol lifts, you begin to see the important things in life much more clearly.

Sober living is about being interested in the world and other people. Your life no longer revolves around your next high or drink but instead authentic, real things. It isn’t easy but it is definitely worth the hard work and effort!