Recovery is a long road, one that many people stumble along or abandon altogether due to the various challenges and temptations they encounter along the way.

It’s absolutely worth the journey, but many people reach a point in that journey where they find themselves asking, “But is it really?”

Maybe you’re beginning to feel alone in your recovery as you leave behind friends who are still actively entrenched in substance-heavy behaviors. Maybe the changes and challenges that come with healing your brain and learning how to cope in healthier ways are overwhelming. 

Whatever is causing you to question or doubt the methodology of your recovery process, you wouldn’t be the first to experience it. It’s not something you’re expected to go through alone. 

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the importance of following through with your recovery, and the dangers that can come with stopping or ending your treatments early.

Addiction recovery: an overview

Nobody said recovering from a substance use disorder would be easy, but we rarely know how difficult it’s going to be until we’re actually going through the process day by day.

This will likely be one of the hardest journeys you’ll ever start, and there are no shortcuts.

There are, however, many gifts, lessons, skills and strengths you’ll develop along the way. There is also a life full of light, love, joy and purpose waiting for you in sobriety, should you choose to commit to the process and follow through. Rest assured, you won’t be alone.

It can sometimes feel that way though. If you’re serious about becoming sober, you might experience a dramatic shift in your relationships. 

For instance, you might start distancing yourself from people you’ve known for a while, but who are still indulging in substances, or might not be the most supportive of your decision to quit. 

It may also be difficult to initially relate to your sober family members and friends (and vice versa) if they’ve never experienced an addiction, or are unfamiliar with the addiction recovery process.

These are just a few of the factors that make the recovery difficult, but it is no less worth it.

What are the dangers of stopping treatment?

The dangers of addiction and the importance of recovery go hand in hand. Addiction can cause long-term mental and physical issues, and in the worst cases, can be fatal. Recovery, therefore, is important because it not only is beneficial to your health but can very well save your life.

What if you’re pretty much done with your treatment though? Do you really have to finish it? 

No one can force you, but here’s why it’s a good idea: your recovery program is structured the way that it is, and the length of time that it is, for a reason. 

You may think you’re ready to get back out into society and start living your new sober life (we don’t blame you; it’s exciting!), but recovery can give us a false sense of security. Not having access to any substances, being surrounded by people who are also striving for sobriety, and having a personal team to support you in the ups and downs provides an incredibly healing environment — but that’s not what your new normal is going to consist of.

The most common consequence of ending therapy and other treatments early is relapsing. If you haven’t completed your recovery program, you haven’t received the full extent of healing and practical life skills needed in order to successfully transition into independent sobriety.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder, or struggling after prematurely stopping treatment, send a message to our team today.

Get back on track today

Here at Real Recovery, our team is here to help you through every phase of recovery, from assisting in helping you heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Addiction often takes a toll on multiple areas of your life, and we’re here to help you repair them.

Recognizing that every client is a unique individual with their own needs, background and goals, we work closely with you from day one in order to create a fully customized treatment plan. We can’t make the commitment to sobriety for you, but we make it really difficult for you to fail.

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